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Widad University College

Widad University College

Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia
In July 2016, Widad Business Group bought over Shahputra University College and the University is now named Widad University College (DKU015(C)). Widad means love, caring and friendship. The name carries the characteristics of desire in leadership and independence.
The taking over by Widad Business Group is part of its bigger programme to diversify its services to the public with the assistance of Royal Widad Foundation. Widad Business Group is a conglomerate business identity well known to the Malaysians. A public listed company with substantial business involvements.
Tan Sri Muhammad Ikmal Opat Abdullah, the founder of Widad Business Group had long aspired to engage in Education, providing for those who seek quality affordable private education. Tan Sri champions the notion that quality education forms the basic foundation of an accomplished nation. Hence every child should be given the opportunity to be educated even if it means looking privately.
Widad now directs itself towards being a leading University College in the concept of uniquely a boutique university focusing on specifically well-developed quality programmes that generate graduates who are industry relevant to the nation and are recognised internationally.
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Located in Kuantan, this coastal city is a very busy tourist hub where Club Med, Hyatt Hotel, Malls, Mc Donald’s and KFCs exist, Widad University College stands tall as the only private university college with SETARA recognition. The surrounding friendly ambiance and the excellence in support services provided are just plus points encouraging and creating perfect atmosphere for student to study here.


Widad University College provides spacious and conducive accommodation for students. There are several types ranging from apartment, link houses and even a 3 star hotel.

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Courses Available 
  • Tourism Management
  • Business
  • Computing and IT
  • Interactive Multimedia
  • Foundation
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