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SCS Education Discovery Day & Let's Talk Series April 2022

SCS Education Discovery Day & Let's Talk Series April 2022


SCS Education Discovery Day & Let's Talk Series April 2022

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01 Current Qualification

Available Selection

- PT3

- SPM / O-Levels

- STPM / UEC / A-Levels / Foundation

- Diploma

- Degree

- Master

02 Interested Courses

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03 Which Institution you are interested?

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04 Interested Event - Online Let's Talk Series (multiple select)


- 22/04 - XIAMEN University, Malaysia

- 22/04 - International University of Malaya- Wales (IUMW)

- 23/04 - Talk Series by Dika College

- 23/04 - First City University College (FCUC)

- 27/04 - ONCAMPUS UK

- 27/04 - APU

- 29/04 - Dasein Academy

- 29/04 - University of Sunderland, UK

05 Interested Event - Physical Discover Day (multiple select)


- Kuantan - 23/04 - UCSI University

- Kuantan - 24/04 - First City University College

- Kuantan - 26/04 - Asia Pacific University

- Kuantan - 27/04 - XIAMEN University

- Kota Damansara - 22/04 - University of Sunderland, UK

- Kota Damansara - 24/04 - Dika College

- Kota Damansara - 26/04 - International University of Malaya- Wales

- Kota Damansara - 27/04 - First City University College

- Kota Damansara - 28/04 - ONCAMPUS, UK

- Kota Damansara - 29/04 - First City University College

- Sitiawan - 23/04 - UCSI University

- Sitiawan - 26/04 - Asia Pacific University

We have some tips and advice on how to approach the planning of your study abroad path!!
Choosing what you will study is typically influenced by determining what kind of professional route appeals to you the most. In some cases, people know instinctively what career they want to pursue, whilst for others it is all about research, evaluation and deliberation. What matters is that you combine your goals and passions with your abilities and capabilities.
Find out how SCS Education can assist you in determining your study abroad direction!
Great news! We are organizing the SCS Education ''Discovery Day & Let's Talk Series April 2022'' to lighten your burden & equip you with vital information for you to begin your application process!!
What is Happening?
1) Explore Courses
- Find reliable info on what to study. Foundation, pre-u, diploma and degree courses — we have it all.
2) One to One Counselling
- Chat directly with university representatives and learn about the various programmes offered.
3) Search for Scholarships
- Get up to 100% scholarship for a variety of programmes. Financial aid and education loans are available too.
4) Live Talks
- Figure out how to navigate life after high school. Topics include career pathways, study overseas and more.
What will you GET after register and attend our events?
1) FREE Tealive/ llao llao/ Baskin Robbins
2) Apply scholarship or bursary using trial result
3) FREE limited Starbucks tumbler (upon sign up with our partners university)
Physical Discovery Day Location:
 Kuantan, Pahang
 KL, Selangor
 Sitiawan, Perak
Online Talk Platform
- Zoom

Event Schedule:
Online Let's Talk Series
Date Time Event Institution
22/04/2022 2.00PM Discover XMUM 100% Scholarship XIAMEN University, Malaysia
4.00PM What's Next in Brand Communication: The Metaverse International University of Malaya- Wales (IUMW)
23/04/2022 3.00PM Talk Series Dika College
5.00PM Talk Series First City University College (FCUC)
27/04/2022 2.00PM Talk Series ONCAMPUS UK
4.00PM Exploring Psychology 探索心理学 APU
29/04/2022 11.00AM Talk Series Dasein Academy
3.00PM The advantage of getting a Master of Pharmacy in UK
after complete your high school
University of Sunderland, UK

Physical Discover Day
Time Location Date Institution
1.00PM -
SCS Education Kuantan 23/04/2022 UCSI University
24/04/2022 First City University College
26/04/2022 Asia Pacific University
27/04/2022 XIAMEN University
SCS Education Kota Damansara 22/04/2022 University of Sunderland, UK
24/04/2022 Dika College
26/04/2022 International University of Malaya - Wales
27/04/2022 First City University College
28/04/2022 ONCAMPUS, UK
29/04/2022 First City University College
Two Good Elephants Cafe, Sitiawan 23/04/2022 UCSI University
26/04/2022 Asia Pacific University

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